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  • #19 – The Big Bad Blackhawks and Lebron’s Cavalier

    A Chicago Dynasty! Paulina Gretzky in a bikini! Lebron James’ real MVP! What more do you need to click?!  

  • #18 – Always close with a Dickey

    The gang gets really excited for their first official fan mail, and it prompts an argument about who’s destined to be the Blue Jays closer? Is RA Dickey the closer […]

  • #17 – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    The Scotch Sporting gang debates whether or not Lindsey Vonn is good looking and Tay questions her sexual tastes due to her attraction to Josh Donaldson  

  • #16 – Baby I got your money

    Scotch Sporting Episode #16 The Scotch Sporting gang discusses the FIFA scandal and Tay discovers that his name actually is Sepp Blatter We brag about our playoff predicting prowess and […]

  • #15 – Silence is golden

    Scotch Sporting Episode 15 We have a full house as Tyler’s back, Mark survived the flood,  Gabe and Chris join as special guests  and Tay is as cute as always […]

  • #14 – I can feel it coming in the air tonight

    Scotch Sporting #14 Foolishly left alone, Gabe and Tay argue about the eventual Stanley Cup winner and discuss which specific Phil Collins song would be their walk up music. Hopefully ending […]

  • #13 – Deflated Balls and Wet Sticky Buns

    Scotch Sporting #13 Special Guest Gabe joins Tay to celebrate a monumental moment in human history, the suspension of Tom Brady. A Waterlogged Mark joins later in the programming calling […]

  • #12 – Scooper & Cone

    Its amateur sports night on Scotch Sporting as the gang discusses their cheering styles and getting a little too into the game. We talk about the NHL Playoffs, the NBA awards […]

  • #11 – Toronto Sports Syndrome

    It’s playoff time! NBA and the NHL but mostly we talk about the NHL since the Raptors umm well forgot how to play basketball in the playoffs!

  • #10 – The Weekend Golfer vs Sexy Hot Wags

    Scotch Sporting #10 We welcome back The Weekend Golfer to discuss the upcoming Masters and debate who’s the hottest WAG on the PGA tour. (spoiler: Its Paulina) Join us as […]