• #15 – Its Hammer Time!

    This weeks podcast celebrates all things Grey Cup and the Hamilton Ticats. The gang discusses everything from how much the Toronto Argos suck, to a potential hometown celebration to the […]

  • Episode 14 – Bye Bye Birdie

    This weeks episode bids a fond farewell to two one and done Blue Jays, and welcomes a new pitching overlord. The gang also chats CFL playoffs, the making of an […]

  • Episode 13 – Guaranteeing Victory

    Is guaranteeing victory ever a good idea? Tay is off this week and Chris is taking over hosting duties. What does that mean for you? Well this is a CFL […]

  • Episode 12 – Damn it Feels Good to Be Canadian

    This week we are celebrating Canadian sports. With a birth into the World Cup on the horizon for the mens soccer team, and Robbie Ray winning the Cy Young for […]

  • Episode 11 – How to Ruin Your Legacy

    This week the gang discusses the ferocity with which Aaron Rodgers has taken a dump all over his legacy. They debate whether or not any professional athlete has gone down […]

  • Episode 10 – Can We Stop Doing the Thing?

    Its a day that ends in Y, so that means another professional athlete decided to risk the health and safety of their entire team! Join us this week as the […]

  • Episode 9 – Hashtag, Scandal

    This weeks episode dives into the recent scandals surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Football Team and the Phoenix Suns and discusses when the need to win goes too far

  • Episode 8 – Is Baseball Broken?

    this weeks episode seeks to fix baseball by introducing robots and big ol’ balls

  • Episode 7 – So Long John

    This weeks Scotch Sporting seeks to answer the age old question, “is Jon Gruden Gone Yet?”. Spoiler, the answer is Yes

  • Episode 6 – Blue YAY!

    Though the Blue Jays Season ended in a heartbreaking way that was out of their hands, there still is a lot to celebrate. The gang walks through the highs and […]