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#94 – Bum Darts are real and they’re spectacular

January 10, 2017

We back!

The its a full house as we celebrate the holidays and recap everything we missed in the world of sports. Or at least the stuff we remember…

Mark explains the Encarnacion signing and why it probably was always about the money, Chris attempts to justify his undying love of Tebow and Katie and Tyler patiently await the Patriots second bye week.

Tay attempts to explain the sport of Bum Darts, and tries to prove its real without having to turn her safe search off

Enjoy this episode and practise your clenching!

Sports. Drinks.

Scotch Sporting is a weekly comedy show for people that love the follow sports but not necessarily the games. We get drunk and yell at eachother but will occasionally toss in a fact or two for good measure.

Weekly, publishes every Tuesday.

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