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#92 – Tom Brady Brings out the best in us

December 6, 2016

As Tyler and Katie recount being at TFC’s historic win against Montreal, Chris gets passionate about his hidden love of Lacrosse and his not so hidden passion for the CFL.

The debating continues when Tay and Mark question Tom Brady’s status as GOAT and how much of his success is due to Bill and his deep rooted hatred of sleeves

After settling down, the gang discuses why Edwin Encarnación might be sitting at home without a date to the prom thanks to his agent over playing his hand

They also have time to chat hockey, diarrhea and a case of TMI all in one #classiccarlyle story


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Scotch Sporting is a weekly comedy show for people that love the follow sports but not necessarily the games. We get drunk and yell at eachother but will occasionally toss in a fact or two for good measure.

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