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  • #4 – We’re All About That Bass

    Scotch Sporting: Episode 4 This week we’re exploring below the belt. We’re joined on the line by The Weekend Golfer, play another round of Hits or Tits and a new game called […]

  • #3 – You Must Be Jokinen

    Scotch Sporting: Episode 3 Taylor puts in her order for an Ollie Jersey, Mark makes another sure to be wrong prediction about the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tyler reveals his affinity […]

  • #2 – Cleveland Steamer… AHL or OHL team?

    Scotch Sporting: Episode 2 Mark learns the value of sex education, Tyler discovers the sound board, and Taylor learns the why she shouldn’t mimic tennis players on air

  • #0 – The Intro we forgot…Oops!

    Scotch Sporting: Episode 0 Remember that time we started a brand new podcast and didn’t introduce ourselves or give any indication as to who we are or what we’re doing? […]

  • #1 – Super Bowl Give-a-way Day!

    Scotch Sporting: Episode 1 Too soon guys… Go Seahawks *single tear